STCW PSA Vacancy

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1 days
PSA - Anyone requiring the Proficiency in Security Awareness certificate but are not attending the Basic Safety Training will need to attend this half day stand-alone course. Course Description: This course is required by all seafarers who are employed or engaged in any capacity on ships required to comply with the ISPS code, but who will not have any designated security duties. It meets with the amended STCW 2010 Convention and code, and can be delivered alongside the basic safety training for seafarers. Course Content: - Understanding the importance of ship security - Be aware of the importance of the security and the roles of those invol ved in its provision - Be aware of the requirements and measures to maintain ship security Be able to recognise and report a security threat. Date: January 29th, 2018 Accreditation: Marshall Islands Pre-requisites: None Duration: 1/2 day Cost: 209€ per person (VAT Excluded) For more information and other enquiries contact:
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